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Using Help is easy. Select from the menu below on the left for detailed instructions on using each feature.

If you find the Help Files do not contain the information you need, please contact Customer Relations at 604-953-3333 to speak with a customer service representative or fill out our web form with the details of your problem. We regularly record and review customer feedback for continued system improvement.

Help Topics
Trip Planning
Reading Schedules
Next Bus
Finding Your Stop Number

Reading Schedules

The date and time range you requested are displayed at the top of the page.

Stop information provided includes the stop number. Stop numbers appear on all bus stops served by Coast Mountain Bus Company. You may also see the stop number in Trip Planning maps and in the Next Bus tool.

Viewing the complete schedule may require scrolling up/down. By holding your mouse over any of the times, you will see a 'tool-tip' providing the Destination sign shown on the front of the Bus.

The information presented shows no more than the next ten times available for your chosen route, for the date and time range requested. The trips are numbered from 1 to 10 for your convenience.

If you would like to see later trips, click "Next" as many times as required. If the "Next" icon is not active, there are no later trips for that direction. Clicking "Previous" can take you back as far as the original trips displayed.

All Stops are displayed by default. If you wish to be more specific, checkmark your desired stop(s) in the left-hand column, then click "Display Selected Stops Only." To see all stops again, re-insert a checkmark in the icon beside the words "All Stops."

If your initial view does not show stops going in the direction you desire, just click the "Switch Direction" icon.

Click "Print Friendly Page" to get the clearest printout of your desired times. Please note that the fewer stops and the shorter the time period you select, the easier it will be to read your schedule.


Timing points (stops with exact scheduled times) are indicated with the clock icon. Stops between timing points are estimated times.

Only those stops displaying a wheelchair icon beside them are wheelchair accessible.

Although all trips are scheduled to be operated by a wheelchair-accessible, bike-rack equipped vehicle, occasionally this level of accessibility may not be available due to mechanical difficulties.

Any "x" times you see refer to service after midnight.

If you elect to click on the pdf version of the public timetable, you will find that it---like times presented in the regular schedule display---is updated as required.

If you are still having difficulty, fill out our webform with the details of your problem. We regularly record and review customer feedback for continued system improvement.