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Help Topics
Trip Planning
Reading Schedules
Next Bus
Finding Your Stop Number

Trip Planning "Step 2" - Results

A list of up to five itinerary options is sorted and displayed according to what you selected in the previous step's step's Search Options dropdown menu (i.e. No Customizations, Wheelchair Accessible, Bike Rack, No SkyTrain, No West Coast Express).

Each itinerary option outlines the route(s) used, time of departure, time of arrival, total duration of the trip, number of transfers required, approximate walking distance and the applicable cash fare both for adults and Concession-eligible customers.

Some trip plans may involve a "transfer" where you stay on the same vehicle. This means that during the course of your trip, one bus route turns into another bus route with little if any time between. Such transfers are noted with an asterisk.

For more information on each itinerary option presented, click on View Detail located beside each option.

If the trip plans presented do not match your requirements, you have the option to re-do your search using adjusted priorities. You can choose to optimize your trip plan search by walking distance, by number of transfers, or by the default setting of Trip Time (duration). You can also make a different selection amongst Wheelchair Accessible, Bike Rack, No SkyTrain, No West Coast Express, or the default setting of No Customizations (i.e. no special requirements).

Once you have made your selections, click Refresh Routes. Any new combination of priorities you have chosen may result in a partially or completely changed list of trip plan results.

Trip Planning "Step 3" - Itinerary Details

This information displays further details of your trip including destination signs, stops, departure and arrival times for each leg of your trip. Print this page and take it with you to help you remember your trip plan, route numbers and transfer points.

Click the "Map" tab to display a map with your Departure point and Destination including the path you will travel to your final destination. You may use the tools to the left of the map to customize your view. Zoom in or out, pan in any direction, and return to your original view any time.

Both the "Itinerary" and "Map" pages display any alert(s) specific to your journey, at the bottom of the page. An icon beside any leg of your journey on the "Itinerary" page means you should pay special attention to that route.

Click on Back if you would like to see your Trip Planning Results options again.

To plan your way back, click on Return Trip. This will reverse your Departure Point and Destination on a new Step 1 Trip Planning form. Select a time and, if necessary, a new date for your return trip and click "Next Step".

If you are still having difficulty, fill out our webform with the details of your problem. We regularly record and review customer feedback for continued system improvement.