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West Coast Express
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West Coast Express Schedule
West Coast Express is a Monday to Friday commuter rail service operating during peak morning and evening periods between downtown Vancouver and Mission. On a limited basis, on weekdays, a TrainBus service using highway coaches is also provided.

For morning and evening schedules see the charts below. Use the interactive map on this page to see travel times between stations and station connections to other public transit options.
Note: Our Bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express services begin and end at slightly different times.
Use our Trip Planning tool to verify early morning or late night transfers.
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Weekday (Mon. to Fri.) Westbound Schedule
StationWestbound: Mission to Waterfront
Mission City5:25am5:55am6:25am6:55am7:25am
Port Haney5:44am6:14am6:44am7:14am7:44am
Maple Meadows5:50am6:20am6:50am7:20am7:50am
Pitt Meadows5:54am6:24am6:54am7:24am7:54am
Port Coquitlam6:04am6:34am7:04am7:34am8:04am
Coquitlam Central6:10am6:40am7:10am7:40am8:10am
Port Moody6:15am6:45am7:15am7:45am8:15am

Weekday (Mon. to Fri.) Eastbound Schedule
StationEastbound: Waterfront to Mission
Port Moody4:14pm4:44pm5:14pm5:54pm6:44pm
Coquitlam Central4:19pm4:49pm5:19pm5:59pm6:49pm
Port Coquitlam4:24pm4:54pm5:24pm6:04pm6:54pm
Pitt Meadows4:34pm5:04pm5:34pm6:14pm7:04pm
Maple Meadows4:38pm5:08pm5:38pm6:18pm7:08pm
Port Haney4:44pm5:14pm5:44pm6:24pm7:14pm
Mission City5:05pm5:35pm6:05pm6:45pm7:35pm

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Offering Flexibility For WCE Customers

Monday through Friday: Two trips westbound in the AM and five trips eastbound in the PM. A 47 seat coach bus equipped with some of the amenities West Coast Express passengers have grown to appreciate.