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Help Topics
Trip Planning
Reading Schedules
Next Bus
Finding Your Stop Number

Trip Planning "Step 1" - Departure and Destination

Specify your Departure Point and your Destination by entering:

  • The stop number appearing on the actual bus stop OR
  • An address, such as 13401 108, or 757 Hastings OR
  • An intersection, such as Columbia and 8, or Granville at Broadway OR
  • A landmark, such as Lonsdale Quay

Possible matches for your request will be offered instantly in a drop-down menu. Pick the one you want and proceed. If your desired address, intersection or landmark does not appear, try adjusting the spelling or enter your request in a different way.

If you are unsure as to the name of the landmark you want, click the "Select from Popular Locations" drop-down menu and choose a category from the drop-down list. Once you are in the right category, scroll down if necessary to find the location you want. Highlight it and proceed. Or, if you are unsure as to what category you should pick, just choose "ALL LOCATIONS" from the drop-down list. You will see a complete alphabetical list of all available locations.

Note: Not every location in the Lower Mainland is included. If you are having difficulty getting the computer to recognize a specific location, please re-enter the location using the address or intersection.

Search Tips

Entering addresses:

  • Use only the street name and number. (For example: use 555 8, instead of 555 8th Avenue West)
  • Do not use suite numbers
  • Intersections work best in the following format: Burrard at Davie, or Cambie at Broadway

Using the Departing/Arriving Time & Calendar Option:

By default, your trip plan search will be for the current date, departing at the current time.
To change the time, use the up or down arrows.
To change the date, either enter the new date in the box in the following format: DD/MM/YYYY or click on the calendar icon to select a date.

Trip Planning will find itineraries based on the exact time provided. Remember, times at most stops are estimated based on normal conditions. Actual times may vary slightly. Please allow sufficient walking time to/from your Departure Point/Destination.

If you need service after midnight on a certain service day, the time must be entered as x-time. For example, put in "1:00x" instead of "1:00am". (This is because we include trips after midnight as a continuation of the previous service day, even though they fall on the next calendar day.) Alternatively, a request entered for "1:00 am" will provide information for the actual calendar day requested.

Date selection is important as levels of transit service can differ from day to day. For example, a trip valid on a given Friday may not be available Monday to Thursday, or on a future Friday after a quarterly service change.

Extra Services:

If you require trip plans with wheelchair access, or bike rack access, or no SkyTrain, or no West Coast Express, select from the "Advanced Search Settings" drop-down menu provided. Only those options that match your requirements will be provided. The default setting of 'Standard Search Settings' simply means you do not need any of those special requirements.

Click Next Step to proceed to Step 2.

If you are still having difficulty, fill out our webform with the details of your problem. We regularly record and review customer feedback for continued system improvement.